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Let our team of experienced financial experts guide you through the process of getting a car loan. Regarless of your credit history our team believes each case is unique and we work very hard to ensure you receive the lowest interest rate and the best terms.

Given our large pool of lending partners we professionally service clients with good, bruised, bad or even no credit.

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We offer the lowest In-House financing rate at 7%. This is perfect for self-employed individuals who can't show much income, and people who can't get approved elswhere. We can get you approved today!


We will guarantee the loan for our customers, wherby we will buy the vehicle back from the bank in case payments are no longer made. This facilitates our applications being approved that for most other lending companies the banks would never approve.

All the customer has to do is apply and we will do the rest. After we find the right vehicle at the right payment, then the customer simply needs to make payments for 6 months and come back to us. We will either refinance the customer at an even lower rate, or get them into a new vehicle of their choice.


We will deliver the vehicle to our new customers all across Western Canada. In fact we will even pay for our customer's flight and hotel if they would prefer to come to us.


Every customer that buys from us receives a free trip for two people to Las Vegas including hotel and airfare for 3 days 2 nights. If they want something more exotic they can switch to numerous other locations including Cancun, Peru or the Galapagos Islands. The whole trip is on us.

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At Auto Approvals Today we are pleased to offer you the lowest possible interest rate on your next car, SUV, van or truck loan.

Auto Approvals Today is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia and also serves Surrey, Mission, Williams Lake, Vancouver, Fort St. John, Kamloops, Nelson, Smithers, Prince George and surrounding areas.


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